AlkaTranslations veröffentlicht engl. Übersetzung zur Fandisk von A Sky Full of Stars

Fanübersetzungen erleben ein neues Hoch in diesen Zeiten (von Covid-19) und auch von der Seite der Jungs und Mädels von AlkaTranslations kommen regelmäßig Updates und beizeiten wird das ein oder andere Projekt sogar fertiggestellt. Vor einigen Monaten brachten sie beispielsweise eine vollständige Übersetzung von Angel Beats – 1st Beat heraus.

Am 22. August 2020 war es dann endlich so weit und AlkaTranslations konnten ihre vollständige Übersetzung von Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o:Fine Days, der Fandisk zu Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o, auch kurz MiaZora genannt, veröffentlichen. Das Projekt sollte eigentlich schon vor einigen Wochen fertiggestellt werden, doch stieß das Team auf einige fiese Hindernisse mit Programmierungsfehlern und auch musste der interne Aufbau des Teams neu aufgefrischt werden.

Näheres dazu lässt sich in ihren Blogposts lesen.

A Sky Full Of Stars: Fine Days Is 100% Translated!

*OUTDATED* Regarding the Release of Miazora Fine Days

A Followup on the Fine Days Release

Hier der Blogpost zur Veröffentlichung:


FINALLY here we are at the end of this complete mess of a road. Firstly, of course, we’re incredibly sorry for how long this has taken and how many expectations we doused. But we promised it would come, so it has come. And in the time it took for that, I’ve somehow grown to the point where I look back at this with much scrutiny and doubt as to whether my early translation decisions deserve to see the light of day. This wasn’t just my endeavor, though, and everyone’s combined effort throughout these absolutely nonsensical few months absolutely needs to come out. This was my first real project and I will be proud of it and think special of it for that. I learned a lot. Like, a LOT. And I very much enjoyed working on it, so I hope you all enjoy reading it. A big, big thanks to the entire team, Bish for the extra editing help, Inferno for the invaluable tech assistance, and Ojive for finishing off the patch coding as well as the images!

I want to address something while I’m here, though. Some of you may be frustrated with a seeming lack of transparency here, but please keep in mind that we’re people behind that screen. While we will endeavor to maintain our characteristic openness, there are things we may not wish to be made irreversibly public. Transparency to us does not mean explaining ourselves for every decision made or delay incurred. It means being open with you all. Open to feedback, to your comments, suggestions, and showing you all that we are, indeed, people behind the screen. We want to share in the hype throughout our work and share in the frustration when there’s a delay. Please understand that we do this as a passion. When things fall behind or walls are hit, we’re frustrated too. We love the support you guys show for us, and we make apologies like this because we set expectations high, then crashed them down with empty promises, and that’s not right. Mistakes were made and, moving forward, we will learn from them. However, while we will apologize for our blunders, remember that we’re all just a bunch of fans (until someone decides to pay us).

Now, that said, I know a lot of you are here to ask where the restoration patch for Miazora’s H scenes is. To which I would like to answer, and make clear once again: This was never confirmed. It has not been, and is not being worked on. I would also like to make clear: This will likely never be confirmed. There were times when we were more inclined to do this in the past, but as everyone moves on to new things (both in life and in our work here at Alka), we get less and less motivated to put things on pause for this. While I would love to be nice and say “This isn’t a hard no,” I’d rather not get anyone’s hopes up and just come right out and say this is most likely not happening. Anyone who might want to do their own translation is welcome to get in contact with us and we’d love to help with what we can (IE set up and the like, not actual technical, editing, or translation work), but we, at Alka, are moving on.

Okay, all that aside, a little about the actual game! A Sky Full of Stars: Fine Days is the fan disc to just plain old A Sky Full of Stars, developed by Pulltop and translated by their western branch Moenovel. It’s a story about stars (go figure), childhood regret, and forgiveness. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good romance, or if you’re an astronomy buff! Now Fine Days includes after stories for each of the four heroines (all fun in their own right) as well as three, short, new routes entirely, including Honoka, Miharu, and Hinami. Anyone who enjoyed the original game will find something to like here, so by all means, give it a read! Also, as you might have guessed, this game was a technological nightmare, and although we tested things rather thoroughly, we are but human. Please give us a shout if you encounter any issues!

Before I sign off, some comments from the team:

Hello, Bish here with my first release under Alka! Originally I wasn’t going to work on this project at all, but due to all sorts of circumstances, I ended up testing and editing several routes. I haven’t read the original Miazora yet, but still found this game enjoyable overall! Not sure who best girl is, but for now it’s a tie between Pikarin and Honk. – Bishounen-P

This project was honestly a massive learning experience for the team in a lot of facets. There were a myriad of ‘never again’s that happened this project and while that does mean that the project had a pretty wild road to get here… it’s turned out for the better because we turned out a stronger and more learned group in the end. Here’s to the other projects going along much smoother. – Kitaro

Okay, now it’s finally time to move on to greener (or should I say BLUER. HA.) pastures. Head over to the Downloads section for instructions on how to enjoy A Sky Full of Stars: Fine Days, and look forward to Reflection Blue!




Dies ist die Fandisc zu „Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o“ mit Afterstories für jede der vier Heroinen. Außerdem gibt es neue Routen für die Nebenheroinen Honoka und Miharu sowie eine herunterladbare Route für Hinami.


Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o: Fine Days Opening - VN [HD]


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Was ist mit dem Hauptspiel?

Wie allgemeinhin bekannt ist, erhielt das Hauptspiel Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o~ die „MoeNovel-Behandlung“ , die auch schon dem anderen PULLTOP-Eroge Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete, kurz KonoSora, widerfahren war. Das bedeutet, dass der Publisher MoeNovel damals zur Anpassung an ihre Kundschaft das Spiel vollkommen zur Unkenntlichkeit zensiert, und alle H-Szenen herausgeschnitten hatte. Mit ProjetSaya hielt der Chef von MoeNovel ein Interview über diese Entscheidung, die seither dazu geführt hat, dass man MoeNovel mit „12-year old french girls“ verbindet.

Bei KonoSora ließ eine Gruppe von Fans, unter der Leitung von PabloC, das nicht auf sich sitzen. Sie organisierten und veröffentlichten einen Restaurations-Patch, der das Spiel wieder auf die ursprüngliche Fassung patchte und auch große Teile der Übersetzungen wieder richtete.

Konosora/IMHHW ReTranslation patch from IMHHW

Die Fans erwarteten von AlkaTranslations, dass sie dasselbe tun und ihre Fähigkeiten dazu verwenden, um dem beschnittenen Original wieder zu altem Glanz zu verhelfen. Leider wurde dies von AlkaTranslations vehement abgelehnt, da sie sich um andere Projekte kümmern wollen und eine neue Übersetzung des Originals nicht auf ihrer To-do Liste stehe. Ihr Editor und Techniker Infernoplex sagte dazu folgendes:

Können wir also eine baldige Neuübersetzung des Basisspiels erwarten? Es ist wahrscheinlich, dass eine andere Gruppe sich diesem Projekt annehmen muss.

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